Wrongful Death

Compassionate Advocates For Family Members After Fatal Accidents

It is never easy to respond to an accidental death in the family. It is natural to go through stages of grief including shock and denial at first. Then, you likely face many difficulties related to burying your loved one and taking care of loose ends. In addition to many practical burdens, you may experience emotional pain, financial burdens and day-to-day hardships associated with the loss of that loved one.

Many people who lose loved ones because of car accidents, workplace accidents or falls believe they can put off getting legal counsel until they feel up to it. However, a prompt investigation is important for gathering evidence about how an accident happened. At Stine & Associates, P.C., in Greensburg, we are sensitive to clients’ state of mind and, at the same time, we know how to get a wrongful death case started right away without disturbing family time.

Determining Negligence For Wrongful Death Claims

If Stine & Associates, P.C., is your wrongful death law firm, we will start right away searching for explanations about how your family member was fatally injured in an accident such as:

Regardless of how your loved one was killed, we will work hard to find out who was negligent and prepare legal arguments in support of your wrongful death claim. We will leave no stone unturned as we dig into the details in pursuit of a compelling case for your family’s sake.

Our Help Doesn’t Stop With Legal Issues

Our years of experience, compassionate approach and small-firm atmosphere mean that we are prepared to provide comfort to our clients along with representation. If you are facing the sudden loss of a loved one because of an accident, we will listen carefully, assess your situation, and offer useful resources and insights as well as practical support with life insurance, estate matters, help for your children and more.

Let us carry some of your load as you grapple with the unexpected death of a loved one in accidental circumstances. Call 724-837-0160 or send an online message for a prompt response at your convenience.