Personal Injury FAQ

Providing Answers To Your Personal Injury FAQs

You may have many questions about what to do after suffering an injury and wonder how it will affect your future. Trying to make the right decisions can feel scary and overwhelming, especially because you weren’t planning to get hurt. Our attorneys at Stine & Associates, P.C., have been handling personal injury claims for more than 30 years and have seen a lot throughout our years of practice.

From all the clients who’ve walked through our door over the years, these are some of the most frequently asked questions we hear and what we tell our clients:

How do I know if I have a personal injury case?

It’s crucial to ask the following questions to determine if you have a personal injury case:

  • Is it mine or someone else’s fault that I’m hurt?
  • Does my injury prevent me from working and providing for my family?
  • What type of medical treatment do I need to recover from my injury?
  • If I need medical treatment, how much time and money will it take to recover fully?

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What is negligence, and how is negligence determined?

Negligence refers to the careless acts of an individual that result in severe harm or damage to another. If you’re seeking to prove negligence against another person, you must demonstrate that the individual had a legal responsibility to prevent injury or harm and that they failed to do so.

Is there a time limit to file a personal injury case in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania has a two-year statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim. However, there can be some exceptions to this rule.

How long do personal injury cases usually take?

There are no specific time limits on how long a personal injury case can take, as the length of the case can depend on many factors. Some can be quick if both parties reach a settlement agreement out of court. Others may be more contentious and have to go to trial. In these instances, personal injury litigation can take months, even years to resolve.

No matter how you choose to approach your case, we have the tools and resources to advocate for you inside and outside the courtroom.

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