Neck & Back Injuries

Legal Help For Pennsylvania Workers Suffering Back And Neck Injuries

A sudden back or neck injury is unmistakable. If you suffer such an injury, you may experience acute pain and immobilization. You may then be unable to sleep well because it is painful every time you move. You may find it difficult or impossible to drive, lift your child or do ordinary household chores. You may be instantly sidelined at work as your herniated disk, pinched nerve or fractured cervical vertebrae leave you at least temporarily disabled.

In other circumstances, back and neck injuries creep up on you over time. This often happens to workers such as mail carriers, nursing home assistants and construction workers who lift heavy loads and twist their bodies day after day. First, you need aspirin and rest. Eventually, you develop chronic pain, with all the inconvenience that goes with it. You may need surgery and/or long-term physical therapy.

No matter whether your back or neck injury was a one-time occurrence or a degenerative phenomenon over time, you must take it seriously. If you know or believe that it happened on the job, it is vitally important to get a proper workers’ compensation claim going on time. If you miss the window of opportunity to do this, you may miss out on medical care and other benefits that will greatly alleviate your difficulties. At Stine & Associates, P.C., in Greensburg, we urge people to accept our offer of a free initial consultation at any point after their backs or necks have begun causing them pain associated with work activities.

Examples, Cases And Remedies

Some of our clients in health care, construction and warehouse management occupations report back and neck injuries on the job caused by:

  • Sudden strain when lifting a heavy object or patient
  • Twisting such as when a warehouse worker is trapped between a forklift and a doorway or wall
  • Repetitive lifting of loads that seem more and more burdensome over time
  • Exertion of force by the person or by machinery impacting the person

Even poor posture by office workers and others with sedentary positions can result in pain that makes it clear that the resulting back and neck injuries are more than just fatigue.

A workers’ compensation claim can open the door to ongoing paid-for medical care for the affected area of the back or neck. And, if someone other than the worker’s employer was negligent and caused the injury, they may be able to file a third-party liability claim. Someone who drives for a living and is injured in a crash caused by another driver may receive a workers’ comp settlement for a back or neck injury and also have a separate, viable claim against the other driver.

Turn To A Knowledgeable Workers’ Compensation Attorney In Greensburg

Our founder, attorney Cindy Stine, has more than 30 years of experience in personal injury and workers’ compensation law. Her vast knowledge is the foundation of our firm’s strengths.

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