Motor Vehicle Accidents FAQ

Have Questions About Your Car Accident? We Can Help.

Car crashes can be sudden and traumatic. It’s often challenging to pinpoint what happened or how you wound up in this situation. Add an injury on top of everything, and you may worry about how you’ll afford your recovery.

Your thoughts may continue racing as you ask yourself how to handle these uncertain circumstances. If you have questions about navigating your car crash, our lawyers at Stine & Associates, P.C., are here and ready to help you. We can address any questions or concerns about your crash and guide you through the injury claims process.

What should I do after a car accident?

When it comes to a crash, acting quickly and deliberately is crucial. That’s why it’s vital to follow these steps:

  1. Make sure everyone at the accident scene is okay
  2. Call paramedics if anyone suffers an injury
  3. Call the police to investigate the crash
  4. Take pictures of the crash scene to gather evidence
  5. Report the collision to your insurer

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Why is it important to see a doctor after an accident?

It’s vital that you see your doctor after a car accident, even if you don’t notice an injury right away. In some cases, car crash victims can suffer an injury without noticing it immediately after the crash, as signs and symptoms of the injury may appear days or weeks later. Talking to your doctor can help you determine if you suffered an injury you’re not immediately aware of. And, if they discover one, they can help you treat it effectively before it worsens.

How does my auto liability policy affect what I am entitled to if someone else causes the collision?

Even though you are injured in a collision that was caused by the fault of another driver, the choices you made when you purchased your automobile liability policy can affect what you can recover. When you purchase automobile liability insurance, you must select the “full tort” or “limited tort” option. It is important that you understand that by selecting the “limited tort” option, you are giving up the right to seek damages for “pain and suffering” unless you fall within one of the few exceptions to limited tort. Your selection can affect the rights of your household family members as well. Absent an exception to the limited tort option, to recover general damages for pain and suffering, you need to show that your injuries result in a severe disfigurement, a serious impairment of a bodily function, or death.

By selecting the “full tort” option, you are not giving up any rights to be compensated for your injuries as a result of a car collision. Having “full coverage” on your vehicle doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the “full tort” option. Be sure to check your policy to make sure you have selected the full tort option.

How are truck accidents different from other motor vehicle accidents?

While car and truck crashes can cause injuries, truck crashes can be more severe in many cases. Commercial trucks are larger and heavier than your average car. So, when a semi collides with a sedan, victims can often suffer life-threatening injuries.

However, each crash is unique, and victims’ injuries can vary in severity. Whether you were hurt in a car or truck accident, we can help you seek the compensation you deserve.

You Don’t Have To Fight The Insurance Companies Alone

Car crashes can be frightening. But when you have the right knowledge, you can pursue your personal injury claim with confidence. Have additional questions you don’t see answered here? We can help. Call 724-837-0160 or email us today.