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Electricity plays a critical role in all facets of modern life, but for those who work with electrical equipment or otherwise encounter electrical hazards, accidents resulting in electric shocks can have devastating consequences. A severe electric shock can cause long-term, even permanent injuries, and the costs to treat such injuries can quickly add up. Finally, the long-term effects of an electrocution injury can severely diminish a victim’s quality of life, leading to profound mental health challenges.

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Why You Need a Scranton Electrocution Lawyer

In the aftermath of an electric shock injury, having a Pennsylvania electric shock attorney by your side is essential. These cases are often complex, making it challenging to handle the claims process on your own. Experienced Pennsylvania electrocution injury lawyers understand the nuances of electrocution lawsuits and can advocate for your rights and interests.

Hiring a skilled lawyer brings numerous benefits to your case. Electrocution lawsuit lawyers in Pennsylvania possess the knowledge to accurately assess the full extent of your losses, which helps them seek full compensation on your behalf. Additionally, they have the resources to gather necessary evidence, consult medical experts, and construct a compelling case on your behalf. Their efforts will not only strengthen your claim but also level the playing field against insurance companies and opposing parties who might otherwise take advantage of your situation.

Without a knowledgeable attorney on your side, you risk settling for less than what your case is worth. Furthermore, the legal landscape can be daunting, and without proper guidance, you could miss critical deadlines or overlook vital evidence. An electric shock injury lawyer can give your case the attention and diligence it deserves, providing you peace of mind and the best possible chance for a favorable outcome.

Common Causes of Electrocution

The key to a successful electrocution injury claim is proving that someone else – an individual, business, property owner, or product manufacturer, for example – caused the accident through their careless or intentional actions. Knowing the common causes of electrocution can help you determine if you should speak to an attorney about possible legal action. Some common causes of electrical accidents and injuries in Pennsylvania include:

  • Faulty Electrical Appliances– Electrical accidents often result from the use of defective electrical appliances. These can cause shocks or fires if they malfunction due to poor manufacturing or design.
  • Inadequate Wiring and Electrical Systems– Improperly installed or outdated wiring in buildings can lead to electric shock incidents. This negligence can result in dangerous situations, especially in older structures that are not up to current safety standards.
  • Unsafe Work Environments– Construction sites and industrial settings sometimes fail to follow safety protocols, exposing workers or passersby to electrocution risks from exposed wires or unfinished electrical systems.
  • Lack of Safety Measures in Public Spaces– Public areas with insufficient electrical safety measures, such as parks or recreational facilities, can pose electrocution risks due to exposed wire or poorly maintained equipment.
  • Contact Between Water and Electricity – Accidents often occur when electrical devices come into contact with water due to negligence, which can lead to severe electric shock incidents.
  • Power Lines– Fallen or low-hanging power lines can be extremely hazardous, especially if not promptly addressed by utility companies, and may lead to the electrocution of unsuspecting individuals.
  • DIY Electrical Work – Unqualified individuals attempting electrical work without proper knowledge or safety precautions can inadvertently cause dangerous situations, leading to electric shock or fires.

Who’s Liable for an Electric Shock Injury?

The liable parties in an electrocution injury claim depend on the circumstances of the accident. A Pennsylvania electric shock lawyer can help you identify who’s responsible for your injuries. Some parties commonly found liable in these cases include:

  • Property Owners– Property owners may be liable if they failed to maintain a safe environment, leading to an electrical injury on their premises.
  • Product Manufacturers– Manufacturers of electrical appliances or equipment may be liable if a defect in their product caused the injury.
  • Electricians and Contractors– Electricians and contractors who perform substandard electrical work that leads to an injury could be liable.
  • Utility Companies– Utility companies might be liable for electric shock injuries resulting from poorly maintained power lines or equipment failures.
  • Landlords– Landlords can be responsible for electrical injuries if they neglect electrical safety in their properties.
  • Government Entities– Government entities may be liable for electric shock injuries that occur due to their negligence in maintaining public infrastructure and upholding safety standards.

Electric Shock Injuries and Workers’ Compensation

Many electrical injuries in Pennsylvania occur in the workplace. When this happens, injured workers typically qualify for workers’ compensation. As long as the injury occurred at work or while the worker was performing job-related tasks, they should be eligible for workers’ comp benefits. While workers’ compensation for electric shock injuries has some limitations, the injured worker does not have to prove negligence on their employer’s part to collect benefits. Workers’ comp benefits in Pennsylvania include:

  • Full coverage for all reasonable, medically necessary treatments related to your injury, which continue until you fully recover or reach the point where additional treatment won’t meaningfully improve your condition.
  • Temporary disability benefits to help you cover your other expenses while you heal, set at two-thirds of your average weekly wages, up to certain limits under state law.
  • Permanent disability benefits to compensate you for the long-term effects of serious impairment.

You must report a work-related injury to your employer within 21 days to avoid delays in securing workers’ comp benefits. Failure to report your injury within 120 days can prevent you from securing the benefits you deserve. Make sure you speak to an attorney immediately after an accident for help with a workers’ comp claim.

Compensation in an Electrocution Injury Lawsuit

If your injury occurred outside of work or someone other than your employer or a coworker caused an injury at work, you may have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. A personal injury lawsuit requires you to prove fault to recover compensation, but allows you to demand compensation for a wider range of losses related to your injuries, including money for:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • The full amount of your lost income while you cannot work
  • Reduced future earnings due to a disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Damaged personal property, if applicable

Deadline to File a Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawsuit

Under Pennsylvania law, you must file a personal injury lawsuit within two years of an accident to preserve your right to compensation. An attorney with experience providing advocacy for injured victims can handle the paperwork in your case and make sure you file your claim on time.

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