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Workers’ Compensation And Repetitive Stress Disorders

Perhaps carpal tunnel syndrome is the most notorious repetitive stress injury (RSI) that many workers struggle with, but it is not the only one. Others include tendonitis, back strain and so-called tennis elbow. Workers who use the same body parts over and over may be susceptible to these disorders.

When someone is suffering from an RSI, it can be tempting to ignore it because paying attention to it may mean downtime and lost wages. However, there comes a time when many workers cannot ignore the numbness, tingling and pain that go along with such ailments. When is it time to speak up? Should you tell your employer, a doctor or a lawyer that you need some kind of relief?

At Stine & Associates, P.C., we can guide you through the process of making a workers’ compensation claim based on evidence that your work activities have caused your RSI.

Examples Of RSI Workers’ Compensation Cases And How We Help Our Clients

People who use tools, machines or other equipment over and over may be susceptible to developing an RSI. Factory workers, plumbers, people who type all day long and even professional musicians often develop symptoms after weeks, months or years of repetitive activities such as:

  • Striking keyboards or other instruments
  • Holding wrenches, hammers and other tools
  • Pushing buttons or machine parts
  • Lifting equipment or patients
  • Playing musical instruments

In a workers’ compensation case, you should make a claim within 120 days of an injury. Since RSIs develop over time, Pennsylvania’s laws point to the initial diagnosis as the starting line. To protect your right to claim workers’ compensation benefits, including medical care and possible wage loss benefits, start early by making the necessary appointments, getting tests and documenting your condition. A workers’ compensation attorney can help immensely since they know how the system works.

Don’t Delay Getting Answers If You Are Suffering From An RSI At Work

If you have questions about what to do to get financial and medical relief from an RSI, contact our law offices. We will help you with your initial claim as well as any necessary administrative appeals or state or federal court appeals.

To schedule a free initial consultation with an attorney, call 724-837-0160 or complete our online inquiry form.