Motorcycle Accidents

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Motorcycle riders, also called bikers, often cite economy, pleasure and flexibility as reasons they choose to get around on motorcycles. Some ride for recreation while others ride to get from Point A to Point B efficiently. For many, motorcycling is also a social boost, as they gather with other bikers at events such as swap meets, charity rides and bike shows. Unfortunately, the thrill of the open road sometimes leads to disaster, as when cars, trucks and other vehicles collide with motorcycles.

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The Troubles With Motorcycles And Accidents

Many of us are familiar with the expression, “Start seeing motorcycles!” This saying came into existence as a response to many motorists who claim – after striking motorcyclists in traffic – that they did not see the cycles. We agree with those who counter this argument with reminders that all drivers have a duty to keep watch while driving.

Did the driver of a car or truck strike you when changing lanes or fail to slow down along when other vehicles in front of you and them did so? Could distracted driving have been the true cause? If so, we will find out, document the evidence and prepare to argue on your behalf in negotiations, mediation or a trial.

Besides visibility issues, other factors that may affect the outcome after a motorcycle accident include:

  • The vulnerability of motorcyclists who are not protected by car bodies as drivers and passengers in vehicles are
  • The seasonal use of motorcycles, which sometimes makes other drivers less alert to them in the springtime, when they begin to appear more often
  • The biases that many people such as police officers, medical care providers, insurance claims adjusters and potential jurors harbor against motorcyclists

At Stine & Associates, P.C., we are prepared to fight for your rights despite any of the usual hurdles that injured motorcyclists often face. Our founder, attorney Cindy Stine, has more than 30 years of experience in personal injury practice and, in fact, her sole focus throughout her legal career has been personal injury law. We are ready to work hard to pursue the compensation you deserve after being hurt in a motorcycle crash.

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