The Steps to Getting Workers’ Compensation in PA

The Steps to Getting Workers’ Compensation in PA

While Pennsylvania law says most employees qualify for workers’ compensation benefits after a job-related injury, getting these benefits isn’t easy. There are complicated forms to fill out, vital deadlines to meet, and legal hoops to jump through. It’s a complex process when you’re struggling with intense pain and the other challenges of a severe injury.

You can protect your rights and seek the benefits you need is by hiring experienced workers’ comp lawyer to represent you. The Greensburg, Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorneys at Stine & Associates can handle the worker’s compensation claims process for you while you focus on your recovery. Read more to learn about the steps to claiming workers’ compensation in Pennsylvania and contact attorney Cindy Stine for assistance if you’ve been injured on the job. 

The Basic Steps of a Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Claim

When you get hurt at work in Pennsylvania, knowing the steps to take can help you get the workers’ comp benefits you need. Here are the key steps to follow:

  • Report Your Injury – Tell your employer or supervisor about your injury right away. You must report the date and place of your injury. You must report it no later than 120 days after the injury​​.
  • Seek Medical Treatment – Get medical help as soon as possible. Your employer might have a list of medical providers to use for the first 90 days. You should contact a knowledgeable attorney to discuss whether you need to treat with one of these medical care providers.
  • File a Claim – Your employer should report your injury to the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. If they don’t, you can file a claim yourself. The employer’s insurance company has 21 days to accept or deny your claim​​.
  • Receive Benefits – If your employer accepts your claim, you should start receiving wage-loss benefits after missing work for more than seven days. Workers’ comp covers your medical costs from day one. Your wage-loss benefits should arrive within 21 days of your absence​​.
  • Return to Work –If your doctor clears you to work, your employer might offer a job that fits your medical restrictions. If you refuse, your benefits might be reduced or stopped​​.
  • Appeal If Necessary – If your employer denies your claim or you have issues with your benefits, you can file a petition with the Office of Adjudication for a hearing before a workers’ comp judge. You have three years from the injury date to file this petition​​.

How Our Pennsylvania Workers’ Comp Attorneys Can Help You

At Stine & Associates, we understand how stressful a work injury can be. Our Pennsylvania workers’ comp attorneys can guide you through every step of the claims process. We can help you report your injury correctly, gather necessary medical records, and file your claim on time. If your employer denies your claim or won’t provide all the benefits you qualify for, we can represent you in hearings and appeals. We’ll handle all the legal details so you can focus on healing.

Let Stine & Associates support you and make the workers’ compensation process as smooth as possible. Call us today or complete our contact form for a free consultation.